JMH Canada | About us
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About us

Get to know our company

Welcome, thank you for taking the time to get to know JMH Canada. Our team of professionals is an established Mississauga based company that provides many years of experience and hard work in residential renovations and commercial construction.

We believe in meeting the needs of our new and existing clients whatever the distance or renovation service required. We strive to leave our clients confident and happy with our renovation or project.


Our clients’ time, original specifications and budget matter to us. We value the importance of your projects. Our main objective is to leave you feeling confident and happy it was done right the first time.


We stand proudly by our projects and the satisfaction of our clients. To deliver on our teams values, we rely on the wealth of experience contributed by our teams. we strive to ensure our teams deliver the kind of customer service that ensures you are going to be happy with your project from start to finish.

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